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UC Surface Android Update

Published Nov 9, 2022


We are in the process of developing a new and improved version of Universal Control. Unfortunately, during development we inadvertently released an in-progress development version of UC Surface for Android that requires other component such as firmware that are not yet released. In this case, you would be prompted by the inadvertent release of Universal Control to update your device to a firmware that is not yet available. For reasons beyond our control, we are unable to recall the release. We apologize for this.

If you have installed this new version, you will need to roll back to the previously released version: UC Surface 3.6.4. The UC Surface Android 3.6.4 APK file is available for download directly from our website, without having to go through Google Play Store.

Important Note: Because Google wants all apps to be installed through the Google Play Store, loading the UC Surface Android app from an “unofficial” source, such as our website, prompts a series of warnings. We assure you that this version on our website is the same version that was posted on the Google Play Store before this inadvertent release and you can safely ignore the warnings.

  • To load the previous version, UC Surface Android 3.6.4:
  • Navigate on your Android tablet to the UC Surface download page:
  • Select Android OS on the dropdown menu. If you’re not sure which Android OS you have, select Android 10 (Q) in the list. 
  • You may get a warning; select “Download Anyway.”
  • You’ll then see an option to “Open” to install the file.
  • You may get more warnings; select “Install Anyway.”
  • That’s it, you’re done. The app will appear on your tablet; launch it, and you’re back in business.

Once you run UC Surface 3.6.4, you may get a notification that a new update is available. Please ignore that notice for now. We will post an update here when the official version is available, at which time you’ll be able to update to the finished new version.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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