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- Can I get a sneak peek of the app before it’s released?You can! Join our public iOS beta and share your feedback here:


- How do I get the new version?

If you have automatic updates set on your device, then nothing - Notion will update as usual. If you manually update your apps, then you can update at any time once version 3 is released. (Note you cannot roll back to a previous version once installed)


- I’m mid-way through a project, do I have to update now?

No, just make sure that automatic downloads are turned off in your device settings. Go to Settings>App Store>Automatic Downloads>App Downloads and switch off.


- Should I backup my scores before updating?

Notion Mobile 3.0 is fully compatible with previous versions, but we of course would always recommend making a copy of your files and putting it somewhere safe.


- How do I open my previous files in the new app?

You will see a new start page from where you can tap the file browser icon to find your recent Notion files, whether stored locally on your device, or in your preferred cloud provider.


- Do I need to redownload the sounds?Yes, Notion Mobile 3 has a different organization structure and playback engine, so you will need to download sounds again. If no sounds are downloaded, then Notion will fall back to the Steinway piano sound as before.


- Do I have to buy the sounds or handwriting again?No. Even though the bundles have been re-organized and simplified, anything you have previously purchased will be available in the new app. Go to Manage Features>Restore Purchases.

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