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Studio One 6: Create a System NFO File in Windows 10 / Windows 11

When reporting an issue while using Presonus products on Windows computers to Presonus Support, we may request a System Information File. This file is also known as a "NFO" file. This file contains information about your computers hardware and software environment. When relevant, Presonus Support will request this to troubleshoot your computer. During your support ticket request process, you can either create and attach an NFO file, or when support requests the NFO file, create and attach the file to your ticket. This is extremely important, and will help us to quickly resolve reported issues. 


To get started, please press the key combination [WinKey]+R on your QWERTY keyboard. This will bring up the 'Run' window.

****Make sure all Audio/MIDI hardware is connected to the computer and powered on before generating the NFO file. 



When the 'Run' window opens;

  1. Type 'msinfo32' without quotes.
  2. Press the [OK] button.



The System Information(NFO file) window will open.

  1. Choose [File] to open the menu.
  2. Choose [Save...] to open the Save As Window.



When the Save As window opens:

  1. Choose Desktop.
  2. Type in your name(for instance) to name the NFO file.
  3. Press the [Save] button to save the NFO file.



After saving the NFO file, please attach the file to your support ticket. You can submit a support request by either signing into your or account, and then clicking the “Support” tab.

  1. Create your ticket, and please fill out ALL the fields. 
  2. Press the Add Attachments [Choose File] button to browse to your saved NFO file. 
  3. When the window opens, choose Desktop.
  4. Select your NFO file.
  5. Press [Open] to attach the NFO file. 
  6. Press [Submit] to send your ticket to Presonus Support. 


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