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Studio One 6: Graphics Problems

If you are having an issue with your playhead disappearing, missing images, distortion in graphics, or sizing issues, this article is for you.  Please take a look at the suggestions below:


1.  On macOS, go into Studio One>Preferences>General>General and uncheck the box asking if you would like to use hardware acceleration.  Most notably on the High Sierra operating system.

2.  Go to the manufacturer of your graphics card's web site and download the latest driver for your card.  If there is an option that does not have a control center involved with it, try using that driver.

3.  If you have a control panel available for your graphics card, try defaulting the settings.  You might want to try disabling antialiasing and/or any 3D options.  

4.  If you are using scaling, try settings your scaling back to 100% or the default setting.  To make changes to scaling, simply right-click your desktop and go to "display settings."  

5.  If all else fails, try uninstalling your graphics driver, reboot your system, and let Windows apply the default generic graphics driver.  

6.  If you are using an NVidia graphics card and see some strange hieroglyphics that look like fractal patterns, try turning off "image sharpening" in 3D driver settings.

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