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Studio One 6: Manage Activation | Reset Activation | Remove Activation

For Studio One 6 users requesting an activation reset request, you can manage your own activations from within your My.Presonus account.


Log into your account. 

  1. Select the [Products] menu tab.
  2. Select the [All] button in your user account to view your registered software listings. Locate Studio One 6 in the list.
  3. Clicking either the Studio One icon, or the arroewe.jpg arrow, will open the Studio One product page.  



Below is the Studio One page in your account.  Once you have clicked on the registered software in your account, you will see a link to manage activations as illustrated below:

  1. Press the [Manage Activations] button.



The Manage Activations box will pop up which allows you to remove old activations to make room for new activations.  You can do this without the need to contact Technical Support. 


Simply press the [Remove] button for the license you want to deactivate.



  1. Press the [OK] button to confirm the removal of the activation.



For Studio One+ subscribers.

Managing activations are performed in your Studio One+ account page:


  1. Click the manage7.png button on your menu. Found on the right side of the top menu.



  1. Click the [Account] button.


  1. Select the [Plan] tab.
  2. Press the [Remove] button for the license you wish to deactivate.





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