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[8a] Studio One 6: Where Else Can I Find the Studio One 6 Manual?

The User Manuals are located in the Downloads section of your account. Follow the instructions below to navigate to them and download and install. 


Open up your web browser and login to your account at

  1. Select the [Products] tab.
  2. Select the [Software] button in your user account to view your registered software listings. 
  3. Clicking either the Studio One icon, or the arroewe.jpg arrow, will open a new page that has your Studio One downloads.  



Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Downloads section. Select the [Owners Manuals] tab.



Find your language and click the blue [Download] button to download the manual installer.

****Any displayed file sizes are approximate.


Installing the Manual

Open the download location on your computer to find the install file. It will look like this:








Studio One 6 will launch automatically and prompt you to Install. 



Once complete, you will need to restart Studio One 6. 



Accessing Help and the Manual

Once Studio One 6 restarts, go to the Help menu to see the search window and a link to open up the manual. 

Please visit the next article: 

The Studio One Online Manual

This is a version of the manual that you can view in your web browser. If your language is not listed under Extra Downloads, use the online version and let the browser translate the manual.




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