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[7] Studio One 6: Installing Studio One Sample and Loop Libraries

There are a range of Studio One Sample and Loop Libraries available for Studio One. These are available from either or from within Studio One. These will expand the capabilities and content of Studio One. If you have purchased one of these libraries, the following will guide you through installing and authorizing each package. 


This also applies to Studio One+ subscribers. Exclusive content can be found under My Purchased items, and from your PreSonus account located at Studio One+: Products ( 



  • Your registered PreSonus samples and loops must be in the same account that your Studio One 6 is registered in. 
  • Make sure that you know your correct email address & password for your user account, because they will be needed to complete this process. 
  • If you would like to find out which samples and libraries are available for purchase, please click this link:




Open Studio One and navigate to the menu Studio One > Studio One Installation. 

  1. Select the [Available Downloads] tab.
  2. Filter by Purchased Content, and Sound Set.
  3. Place a check mark beside each product you want to install. 
  4. Press the [Install] button.

**** If you don't see any of your purchased items, press [Check for Available Downloads].



After pressing install, the Studio One Transfers window will appear. This window shows your current installations.



Once the download and installations complete, the Activate Purchased Items window appears. Select the product you want to activate and press the green [Activation] button. 



It should only take a few moments to activate your Add-ons. 7.png



Restart Studio One when prompted. 



Log into your account:


If you do not see your product listed, ensure that you have the Add-On registered in the same account as your Studio One 6 license. The product key for your Add-on will be added to your account after your purchase and payment have been verified or after manual registration. Should you have any issues or not see your purchase, please check your email to ensure that your purchase was completed properly, and you have received confirmation of your purchase. Be sure the email you purchased through matches the email you have for the account you are logged into.  

  1. Select the [Products] tab.
  2. Select the [Sample and Loop Libraries] button in your user account to view your registered software listings. 
  3. Click the View Product  arroewe.jpg arrow. This will open a new page that has the chosen libraries download listing.



  1. Click the blue [Download] button to begin the download of the sample or loop library. The package should be downloaded to the designated place of downloads on your computer. This is usually your computer's "Downloads" folder. 



Once your package is downloaded, start Studio One. 


  1. Drag the downloaded file from your computers Downloads folder.
  2. Drop it on top of the open Studio One window. This will start the installation of the library to Studio One. 



Once the installation has completed, activate the add-on by clicking the green [Activate] button and the Add-on will now be activated to run in your copy of Studio One.



****If you get an error, such as “the request failed”, check that your credentials (username and password) are correct, and that the product installed correctly.

*Checking the "Remember My Credentials" box will also save your log information for future reference. 


If you wish to activate the Add-on and you are not connected to the internet, please follow the below offline activation instructions.

 Offline Activation:

  1. Select the [Products] tab.
  2. Select the [Sample and Loop Libraries] button in your user account to view your registered software listings. 
  3. Click the View Product  arroewe.jpg arrow. This will open a new page that has the chosen libraries download listing.



Press the [Offline Activation] button.



Press the [Download License] button.



Download the license file to your computer and transfer it to the offline computer via a USB thumb drive or CD.

Once you drag the add-on onto the Start page in Studio One, please press the [Select License...] button and navigate to your license file.  

You should get an installation success notification like this one, Restart Studio One.



*If you get an error, make sure that both Studio One Artist and the sample and loop libraries are registered in the same account. 


Common Issues with the integration of libraries and Studio One.

In some cases, there may be a warning that the library and Studio One are not compatible. Typically, this is because the version build of Studio One that is installed is not updated to the latest build available. The build must be 6.0.0 or later for a library to integrate into Studio One 6 properly. To check the build info, go to the Studio One Help menu on Windows, and Studio One menu on macOS. In the drop down select About Studio One. This will give you the build info and product key that Studio One is registered as. If the build is not version 6.0.0 or later, then you will need to update Studio One 6 to the latest build available in your account. 


Please see the following link for assistance updating Studio One to the latest build: Studio One 6: How To Update Studio One 6


The other potential issue would be that Studio One or the library is registered to another user account than the one the host software or library is registered to. 


To check this, go to the Help menu (Windows) or Studio One menu (macOS) and check the About Studio One page and take note of the 28-digit product code listed there. You should have this product code listed in your user account with both the library and Studio One. If you are unable to find Studio One registered under the "Product" menu of your PreSonus user account, and the add-on registered under the "Sample and Loop Libraries" section of your user account, then the issue is that Studio One and the add-on are registered under different user accounts.

To resolve this issue, please contact technical support and ask to have the license for the library transferred to the proper account. Make sure to include relevant account information in the support ticket for each account. Support tickets can be created from your user account once logged in. 



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