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Capture - Remote Controlling Capture from UC Surface

Updated July 1, 2022


Before proceeding, please be sure that your computer has the latest Universal Control installed.

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When your StudioLive mixer is connected via its digital transport (FireWire or USB) to your computer and Universal Control, a Capture button will appear in the UC Surface Quick Access Panel once your StudioLive is synced to Capture.





Selecting this button will show Capture controls in the Fat Channel area of UC Surface. From within UC Surface, you can create a new Capture session, load a previously recording session, add markers, arm tracks for recording, and perform a virtual soundcheck.






1. Add Marker

2. Delete Marker

3. Next/Prev Marker Navigation

4. Stop

5. Play

6. Record

7. Session Lock

8. Recording Length

9. Individual Track Arm

10. Curser Position

11. Disk Time

12. Close Session

13. Loop

14. Virtual Soundcheck

15. Arm All





Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

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