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Where are My Products?

Published July 15, 2021


Your registered hardware and software can be accessed from your My PreSonus account. Go to and login 


This will bring you to your My PreSonus home screen. Click on Products in the top right corner of the screen. 






This will open a new page with three tabs on the left showing your registered Software, Hardware, and Add Ons. Studio One can be found under Software.







Your registered hardware can be found under the Hardware tab.






All Studio One Virtual Instruments, Sound Sets, and Effects can be found under the Virtual Instruments and Effects Tab.






Newly registered products now come with the option of Studio One Artist or a discounted rate on Sphere. After registering a piece of hardware, you may be required to redeem either your copy of Studio One Artist or your Presonus Sphere discount. 


This can be done by going to the product page, finding your newly registered hardware, and clicking on it to open the individual product page. Just under the serial number, you will see a green button that says View Offers.





A new window will pop up offering you either a discounted rate for Presonus Sphere or the option to redeem Studio One 5 Artist. 







When you choose the option to either redeem Studio One Artist or the Presonus Sphere discount, another pop-up will appear asking if you are sure as this is a one-time offer available when registering new hardware.







Click OK and you're done!


PLEASE NOTE: If for some reason your products are not showing in your account, there are a number of steps you can take to resolve this issue. 


1. Refresh your browser

2. Restart your browser

3. Log out of and back into your account at

4. Clear the cache and cookies from your browser history

5. Try a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

6. Restart your computer.



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<



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