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Imported MIDI notation all showing up in the treble clef of a grand staff.

When importing note data from Studio One to Notion or when importing a MIDI file, you may find that the notation comes into Notion with the wrong type of staff or when converting it to a grand staff, all of the notation shows up in the treble clef.  This article will illustrate how to resolve this issue.  


- If you are using Studio One to send note data to Notion, simply name your track "Piano" in Studio One.  When you send the note data to Notion, it will appear in a grand staff automatically with the notes in the correct clef.  Here is an image of where to change the name of the track in Studio One.


- If you are using a 3rd-party application and have control over the MIDI file, name the grand staff "Piano" before exporting to MIDI.


If you would like complete control over the situation, here are steps to resolve the issue...


1.  Open Notion and go into File (Notion on a Mac)>Preferences>MIDI I/O and check the option for "sequencer staff."  When doing this, any imported MIDI file will show up as a sequencer staff with MIDI data.  


2.  Go into Score Setup and click the cog wheel to the left of the instrument.  Assign it to the desired instrument as well as the grand staff.  


3.  Exit Score Setup and click and select the entire score. (ctrl+A).  


4.  With the entire score selected, go into Tools>Convert to Notation.  This will convert the sequencer staff to notation, after it is assigned to the correct staff, and should give you all of your notes in the correct clef for a grand staff.




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