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Troubleshooting the PreSonus Hub on macOS

To begin with, please take a look at the following article and apply this permissions fix to your Mac if applicable.


-If the issue persists, please go into Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/PreSonus and delete the Extensions folder, the License Store folder, and the PreSonus Hub folder.


-Next, hold down your "Option" key on your computer keyboard while clicking "Go" in the Finder menu bar until the hidden "Library" appears. You can then go into Application Support and delete the PreSonus Hub folder.


-Next, delete the PreSonus Hub from your Applications folder and download from your account once more.


-Next, please go into Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-ins.  Delete the PreSonus VST3 Shell.vst3 file from the VST3 folder and the PreSonus AU Shell.component file from the Components folder.


-Finally, re-install the Hub as well as the plug-ins and activate.



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