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Using a Hardware Synth In Studio One 5.2 and Above

To use a hardware synth as both a keyboard to record MIDI and also as a sound module, to have Studio One trigger it's sounds on playback, you'll need two separate devices:

  • An External Keyboard Device - To play MIDI into Studio One from the synths keyboard, to record.
  • This device only requires a Receive From port assignment.


  • An External Instrument Device - To send MIDI out to the synth from Studio One.
  • This device only requires a Send To port assignment.


  • After creating those two devices, go to the browser and look in the External Instruments folder for your instrument device and drag it in.
  • Create an Aux Channel for it which will bring its audio output into the Studio One mixer,
  • Assign the input of the Aux channel to whatever audio inputs your synth is connected to on your audio device and save it.
external_instrument.png aux_channel_assign.png

That all there is to it.  Whenever you want to use that synth, drag it in from the browser and record,

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