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Windows Driver and Loopback

Please install the Universal Control for access to the mixer, firmware updates, and extended preset editing. Universal Control contains the driver and firmware for Revelator.


When using the Revelator on a Windows machine, the microphone will be labeled as Revelator in most applications outside of editing software. DAWs, NLEs, etc. 

Apps like Skype and Edge use the Revelator WDM audio.



Inside of applications that use ASIO, the Revelator will appear as PreSonus DSP USB Series

This is the name of our custom ASIO driver.



Loopback Example:

When on a Windows machine Revelator will always be in Single Mode

1. Open the Revelator template in Studio One 5 (More tips are located in the template)

2. Open two sound sources. ex. Skype & Edge

3. Set the audio in Skype to send to Loopback Output 1

4. Set the audio from Edge to Loopback Output 2


5. Use Universal Control to have the audio separated or merged into a single Stereo stream

6. Record into Studio One (All while still being able to use your computer, which is handy if you are directing your own podcast with virtual guests)





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