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How to retrieve a crash report from Studio One...

Below you will find instructions for submitting a crash report to PreSonus.  If you are dealing with an issue in that the program is crashing on you, it is very helpful for us to receive a crash report from your system.  Below you will find instructions for both Mac and Windows:



When Studio One crashes on a Mac, you will receive a window that asks if you would like to submit the crash report to Apple.  Simply press the "Report" button in the crash report window and you will see the full crash report.  Highlight ALL of the text and copy/paste it into a text file.  Attach that text file to a support ticket.  You can log a support ticket from within your account under the "Support" tab. 



If Studio One crashes on Windows, a dump file with a .dmp extension on it will be created.  The file will be created in C:\Users\Your User Account\AppData\Roaming\PreSonus.  You can simply attach the .dmp file to a support ticket and we would be happy to assist.  You can log a support ticket from your account under the "Support" tab.  

***Appdata is a hidden folder on your system.  One thing you can do is to open a search in Windows and type in %appdata%.  This will take you directly to that folder.  Another solution is to show hidden files and folders on your system.  Here is an article from Microsoft that explains how to show hidden files and folders.

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