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How to set up ATOM SQ as a MCU device in Cubase

ATOM SQ’s song menu and transport controls can be used to control select features within Cubase. This is done by setting up ATOM SQ as a Mackie Control Universal within Cubase’s Studio Setup menu. To do this, follow the steps below:

    • Ensure that ATOM SQ is connected to your computer via the USB cable
    • Open Cubase
    • Click Studio in Cubase’s task bar at the top
    • Click Studio Setup
    • Click the Plus button at the top left of the Studio Setup window
    • Select Mackie Control from the drop down menu
    • Set the MIDI Input and Output to “MIDIIN 2 (ATM SQ)”
      • Do not use the ATM SQ MIDI port
    • Click on MIDI Port Setup in the left hand menu
    • Uncheck the check box on the MIDIIN2 (ATM SQ) row that says In ‘All MIDI In’
      • If this step is not done, then the transport buttons and others will unintentionally trigger virtual instruments.
    • Click OK
    • ATOM SQ is now mimicking the commands sent by an MCU device. 
      • Transport and Song Menu commands should now control Cubase.
      • There are some limitations of which commands work due to how Cubase interprets these commands and the DAWs embedded functionality. These include Undo, Save and Metronome.
    • Press the Setup button on BEEP’s hardware
    • Press the Page Right button underneath the main encoder
    • Press the button under MCU Mode
    • Press the button above Yes when prompted “Switch to MCU Mode?”
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