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My ATOM SQ won’t boot up correctly. How can I fix this?

If for some reason the firmware on your ATOM SQ becomes corrupted, you can use ATOM SQ’s firmware recovery mode to ensure that external firmware can be loaded into your unit. To enter firmware recovery mode:

    • Disconnect the USB cable from your ATOM SQ
    • Ensure that the other side of the USB is plugged into your host computer
    • Hold down the Setup button and do not let go
    • Plug the USB cable back into the ATOM SQ
    • The Studio One light on ATOM SQ should now be red. The screen on the ATOM SQ should say “Firmware Update 0%”. 
    • Universal Control should detect ATOM SQ and show an Update Firmware button
    • Press Update Firmware and the latest firmware should be uploaded into ATOM SQ
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