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Studio One Installation FAQ

Published July 16, 2020


This article is intended to clarify some common misconceptions about Studio One's Installation and licensing which in many cases have users unnecessarily uninstalling and reinstalling it.   

Studio One installation is unlike some other software product installations in the following ways:

  • The installer is singular per platform (macOS or Windows), there are not different installers for the different tiered versions.   There were different installers in the past for 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems but as of version 5, Studio One only runs on 64-bit operating systems, so now there is only one installer per platform.
  • The Studio One Demo, Prime, Artist and Professional products are quite literally all the exact same software underneath.  The version you have, what features are 'turned on or off' in your product, is based on the license key (activation), not the installation. 
  • Upgrading within the same major version doesn't require installation.   For example, if you are running the Studio One 4 Demo and you purchase the product or if you are running 4 Artist and upgrade to Studio One 4 Professional, you only need to activate the new license, there is no need to install the application again if you are within the same major version.  You will however need to install any additional content that the upgrade gives you access to, if you want it.
  • All 'same major version' installations (4.1, 4.5, 4.6 for example) share the same license file.  Since there is only one license file and there is no portable license, you cannot have multiple different activations at the same time for different installations of the same major version.  Example:  If you activate Studio One 4 as Prime, all installed versions of Studio One 4 will launch as Prime.  Activation is global, not per installation.
  • Every update is a full install.   There is no patching or modifying of the Studio One application for updating.  All updates (4.1.0 to 4.1.1 for example) require a full install of the new version.



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