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Studio One 5: Backup and Restore Utility

Backup and Restore


This feature requires an active PreSonus Sphere subscription.


If you are running a PreSonus Sphere subscription license, you can you use your available PreSonus Sphere cloud storage to backup your complete user settings. You may create individual backups for different computers, artists, or projects. The number of backups is only limited by the available cloud storage space. 


To backup your settings to the PreSonus Sphere, go to the Studio One menu, and select [Backup and Restore..]



To start the backup, click the [Backup Now] button to initiate the backup process. 



Backups already saved to PreSonus Sphere will be listed in the Restore section of the window.



To Restore any or all settings from a cloud backup to the current computer, first select a backup from the list, then check which parts of the backup to restore in the Restore Options list. These include program settings, plug-in thumbnails, I/O configurations, presets, templates and macros. Any options unchecked will remain unchanged. With a backup and options selected, click the [Restore] button to initiate the download and restore process.


 For more information, please refer to the Studio One 5 manual.



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