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Why is my song telling me that there are missing files?

If you open a song in Studio One and receive an error that states you are missing files, please close Studio One, Open the song folder for the song that you are working with, and delete the folder named "cache" inside of that song folder.  You can then open Studio One and reload your song.

***By default Studio One saves your songs to Documents>Studio One>Songs.  Each song has it's own song folder.  Make sure that you are not using a cloud storage utility such as OneDrive or iCloud Drive to backup these locations in real time, as that can affect the availability of the data as well as the performance of recording audio.  Below you will find links to managing OneDrive as well as iCloud Drive respectively.

Link to managing OneDrive:

Link to managing iCloud Drive:


If you continue to have the issue after removing the cache folder, then you are more than likely looking at a configuration issue with your system and not a problem with Studio One.  Below you will find information about each of the 3 different scenarios where this can happen.


1.  If the error message that you are receiving indicates that you are missing audio files in the path that is listed, please try the following steps: 

  • You may have inadvertently deleted the files during system cleanup or something similar. (if searching, search the system trash as well)
  • The files may be on an external drive that's no longer connected.
  • You may have manually renamed or moved a folder, so now Studio One can't find the files.


If audio files are missing in a song, go to the browser Pool tab and Sort By: Location. That view will show you the file paths of where those files should be, where Studio One loaded them from before. You can look at those paths and try to determine why those files are no longer there.


Going forward, always go to the Pool and right click Copy External Files to make sure that all of your referenced audio files are in the song folder. There's also an option that will remind you to do that: Options (Preferences on a Mac) > Locations > User Data > Ask to copy external files when saving song.


2.  If the error message that you are receiving indicates that you are missing Sound Sets or Add-ons that you purchased or installed with Studio One, please follow the instructions below.  

  • Please open Studio One and go into Studio One > Options (Preferences on macOS) > Locations > User Data > Sound Sets and check the location that Studio One is looking for your Sound Sets in.  If they are in the correct location, simply double-click one of them to have the program reload them.  
  • If you are missing Sound Sets, please follow the instructions in the following Knowledge Base article to re-install them. 


3.  If the error message indicates that you are missing 3rd-party virtual instruments, please refer to the following article from our Knowledge Base.







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