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Problem with "Rounding" errors when copying loops

It is an erroneous assumption that there are “rounding errors” when playing samples without time stretching.  In fact, it is technically impossible to loop a sample at any tempo, because the length in samples is not exactly accurate at most tempos.  It is at certain values, e. g. 120 bpm at 44.1 KHz sample rate.  However, since DAWs such as Cubase, Logic or Studio One are clock-based, there must inevitably be overhangs or gaps of +/- 1 sample at some point when changing the tempo. If you then duplicate a sample without time stretching, this deviation adds up. This cannot be solved by editing the sample itself, because these “errors” happen during playback. This cannot be corrected and there are no “subsamples” to compensate for this deviation.

There are different solutions. Studio One solves the problem, for example, by placing the start of the loop exactly on the beat when duplicating a loop. So each copy starts accurately, and there is no accumulation of the sample offset even with multiple copies.

Studio One and, also the Audio Batch Converter, work sample accurate. However, there is no function in the Batch Converter to cut samples to a sample-accurate length. This is better done in a Studio One song, and the loops are then exported from the song, e.g. via drag & drop in the browser. Or by batch export, or by bounce …

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