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Grace Period for those who recently purchased Studio One 4.

PreSonus is providing a 90 day grace period for Studio One version 5.  This means if you registered a copy of Studio One 4 on or after April 7, 2020, but before July 7th 2020, you are within the grace period.  Please note that any registrations of Studio One 4 after July 7th 2020 are not eligible.  If you purchased a copy of Studio One 4 from one of our authorized dealers during the grace period, but did not register it in time, please submit a support ticket with a copy of your receipt attached.  OEM copies do not qualify for free upgrades.  Software that was given as a gift upon registration of a piece of hardware are only eligible for the PreSonus Sphere. Details are listed below...

  • If you registered Studio One 4 Artist within the grace period, you will have a choice between Studio One 5 Artist or a 4 month subscription to the PreSonus Sphere.  You must choose one or the other.
  • If you registered a piece of hardware that gave you a free copy of Studio One 4 Artist within the grace period, you will receive 4 months of the PreSonus Sphere for free.  Studio One 5 Artist is not an option in this scenario.
  • If you registered Studio One 4 Professional within the grace period, you will receive either Studio One 5 Professional or a full year's subscription to the PreSonus Sphere.  You must choose one or the other.

Note:  If you registered a copy of Studio One 4 Artist OEM or Studio One Professional OEM during the grace period, we are sorry but you are not eligible for an upgrade.

During the grace period, if you have multiple copies of Studio One Professional or Studio One Artist in your account, all copies are stamped as upgraded.  However, you only get one copy of Studio One 5 or the  PreSonus Sphere per account, not per product.  This is only a rule for those registrations that occurred during the grace period. 

***You must be the original owner of the registered hardware if the software in your account was a gift.

PLEASE NOTE:   It may be necessary to log out of your account and log back in to refresh the page if you do not see the redeem button.   Or you can try using a different browser or simply refreshing the product page.


Redeeming instructions:

Please log into your account and go to "Products."  From the "Products" page, select / click the qualifying software that you would like to upgrade, e.g., click Studio One 4 Professional for example to open its product page.  You should then see a green "Redeem" button on the next page that you can press to begin the process.  The button is illustrated below:


** If you don't see a Redeem button, click the Products button in the image above to go back to the full list of products and then click the Refresh icon as shown in the image below and wait for it to stop spinning.  Afterward go back to the Studio One product page and look again.

Also, we have noticed that the redeem button may not show up on some browsers so please try it with Google Chrome.


After clicking the Redeem button above you will see a screen similar to the one pictured below.  Depending on  how you acquired your product or your product type you may not have both buttons:






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