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Removing PreSonus login credentials from your machine (Invalid user name or password error)

Studio One 5 - Invalid Login and Email Error

If you have previously logged into any PreSonus software on your computer, you may be able to simply go to "Studio One" in the menu bar of the program and log out.  You can then log back in with the correct account information. This error may also occur while attempting to install Content.  If you continue to have a problem after logging out and logging back in, the information below will assist you in manually removing the login credentials from your computer.   

 The error message may look like the following:

On macOS


 On Windows




To fix this, there is a way to reset Studio One 5 so that you are prompted to re-enter your credentials.

  • This change can be done while Studio One 5 is running and when retrying the function that was failing previously, Studio One will then show a log in window.
  • There's no reason to remove the license files or even restart Studio One. 

1. Remove the password keychain information. 

MacOS Customers:

Mac: Launch "Keychain Access" application from the "Utilities" folder and delete the "Presonus_UserAccount" keychain as well as the "PreSonus_StudioOne_OAuth" keychain.





Windows Customers:  

Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Users will find a screen that looks like the image below. (Open the Control Panel and do a search for "Credential Manager")


1.   Select the Windows Credentials section.

2. Find the entry for "PreSonus_UserAccount" as well as "PreSonus_StudioOne_OAuth" and click the little downward arrow to open up the credential.

3. Click "Remove" to delete the credential. 

Launch Studio One again. You will be prompted to log in with your credentials.


Login with your MyPreSonus Username or Email address and your Password. 

Be sure to select "Remember My Credentials" and click Login to continue. 

If you don't check the "Remember My Credentials" check box, you'll need to login each time you access this menu. This is a matter of preference. 

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