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[6] Studio One 5: Installing 3rd Party Content (Celemony Melodyne Essential)

We have partnered with third-party software manufacturer Celemony to bring you one of the best tools for production work in the business. The following will guide you through installing and authorizing Celemony Melodyne.



  1. To use Melodyne in Studio One 5, you MUST be upgraded to Melodyne 5. 
  2. The Melodyne key that was used for Studio One 2, 3 and 4 Professional will transfer and be usable automatically with Studio One 5 Professional's integration with Celemony. There is no need to claim and install a new Melodyne Key if you're upgrading from previous Studio One Professional versions to Studio One 5 Pro. For all others, please continue reading.
  3. If you are running an M1 mac, Melodyne now supports M1 in Native Mode, but you will need to update Melodyne to version 5.2, which is a free update for all Melodyne 5 owners.


Here are the complete instructions for installing your copy of Melodyne software into Studio One 5:


Installing Melodyne

  1. In Studio One 5, navigate to "Studio One" in the main menu at the top of the screen and click on the drop down. Select [Studio One Installation].  
  2. Once the installation menu pops up, check the box next to the version of Melodyne that is listed to select it.
  3. Once selected, you can click [Install] to install Melodyne. 
  4.  Click the [Claim Product Key] button next to the Melodyne listing to claim your Melodyne product key.



Mac OS:melodyneInstall1Mac.png


The key is displayed, and you can click the [Copy] button to copy it to the clipboard.

  1. Place a checkmark beside Celemony Melodyne. 
  2. Press [Copy] to copy your Melodyne License. 



**Studio One 5 Professional comes with a full license for Melodyne Essential. 

*Studio One 5 Artist  comes with a 30 day Free Trial of the Melodyne Software. 



Registering Melodyne Essential 

1. Please visit and navigate to the [Register a product] button. 



2. Click [First-time registration].



3. Either paste or type in the Melodyne license provided by Studio One.  Then, press the [Register] button.



4. Please enter your personal details here and select your newsletter options. To log in to your account you need your e-mail address and your password.  Press the [Save] button to complete registration.




Once you enter your information and press [Save], the Melodyne license will be registered.  The next page that appears is your Celemony License page.  If you notice, the Melodyne license that you got from Studio One has converted into the Celemony Melodyne license format. The license here is the license that will be used for Melodyne. 


5. Press [Download] to download the Melodyne Installer. 



6. The Celemony downloads page has the installer for Windows and macOS.  Press the [Download] next to the version you want to download. 




Authorizing/Activating Melodyne Essential 

Once the download has completed, and before you can use Melodyne, you must first launch the standalone Melodyne application.  You can find the Melodyne standalone application in the following locations:

WindowsC > Program Files > Celemony.
macOS:  Go > Applications > Melodyne 5.


1. Double-click the Melodyne launcher to open the application.  Once Melodyne is opened, press the [Activate] button.  



2. You will be directed to the Celemony website. Or, you can copy the activation URL and paste into your web browser of choice.



3. Once you are on the Celemony License website, press [Activate] to activate Melodyne on your computer.



4. Log-in to your Celemony account. 



5. Press [Activate] to activate Melodyne on your computer. 



6. You will see the Activation Successful screen that shows your computer has been successfully activated for Melodyne.  It is safe to close the window.



7. To use Melodyne, open Studio One, create a new song.

     A. Add an audio event.
     B. Right-click the event. 
     C. Choose Audio.
     D. Choose Edit With Melodyne.


You can also select the clip and use the shortcuts "CTRL+M(Windows)," and on macOS, "CMD+M."

For information on using Melodyne, please refer to the Melodyne users manual. Or, for tutorials on using Melodyne, please visit the Celemony Help Center:


Starting your Free Trial of Melodyne (Studio One 5 Artist)

Before you can begin to try out Melodyne, you must first launch the standalone Melodyne application that is installed along with the plug-in versions. Once opened, press the [Try out Melodyne editor] button to start the trial process, then follow the prompts to authorize your 30-day trial. Once the trial has been activated, you can quit the standalone Melodyne application, and then launch Studio One to begin using Melodyne Trial.


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