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Installing the UVI - Model D Plug-in that comes with the Studio Magic Bundle

The following information explains the process for registering the UVI - Model D plug-in with UVI and activating it for use within Studio One.  

***If you are running Studio One 4 Artist, you will need to be running version 4.6.1

or higher for the plug-in to show up.  The plug-in will not show up in Studio One 3 Artist.


***For information about M1 compatibility, please refer to the article below... 


1.  You can find your product key for the UVI - Model D plug-in inside of your  account.  Once you are logged into your account, just go to My Products>Add-ons to locate the plug-in.  Below is a screenshot:  


2.  Click the "Download Installer" button to be taken to the UVI web site where you can download the UVI Portal.  Click the link to "Download UVI Portal."  Here is a screenshot of the landing page:


3.  Once you click the link from step 2, you will be brought to the bottom of the page where you can download the installer for your operating system as well as view the most current tech specs.  Here is a screenshot:


4.  Once you have downloaded the UVI Portal installer, double-click the installer and follow the prompts to install.  (The Mac version is a .dmg file.  Simply double-click and drag the app to your Applications folder.)

5.  Once you have opened the application, you will want to agree to the terms an conditions.  (On Windows, be sure to allow access through the firewall)  Here is a screenshot:


6.  Once you agree to the terms, you will be taken to a window where you can log in or you can create an account.  Here is a screenshot indicating the link where you can create an account:


7.  If you do not have an account, please create one on the page that the link in step 6 directs you to.  If you do have an account, go ahead and log in.  Once you log in, you will be taken to the below page where you can simply close the Help window to Install your plug-in.


8.  Click the Install button to install the plug-in.  If you are on a Mac, you will need to enter your Mac password.  This is the password that you use to log into your Mac after booting it up.


9.  Once the installation has completed, you can press the "Product Registration" button to register your serial number.  If you have an iLok account, click the button and enter your iLok user name.  If you do not have an iLok account, click the link to create one and enter your information.  Once you have entered your iLok user name as well as the serial number from your account, you can agree to the EULA and press the "Register" button.


10.  Once you click the "Register" button, you will be taken to the window below, where you can download the library.  It is necessary to download the library.  


11.  Once you have installed the Model D soundbank, the "Install" button will now say "Activate"  Press the button to activate the plug-in.


12.  The iLok License Manager will then open.  Right-click the "Model D" plug-in in the iLok License Manager and choose "Activate."  If you have not installed the iLok License Manager, please do so.  It can be downloaded from

Here is a link to an an article from the PreSonus Knowledge Base with information on using the iLok License Manager...

***If you accidentally opened Studio One without activating the plug-in with the iLok License Manager, you will need to go to View>Plug-in Manager and press the button to reset the blocklist.  Close Studio One and re-open it and the issue should be resolved.

13.  You can now launch Studio One and drag the plug-in over from the "Instruments" tab in the Browser window.  Make sure that you load an instrument by double-clicking the box to open the browser.  It has a red rectangle around it in the image below.


Here is a link to UVI's support page.






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