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StudioLive Series III 2.2 Firmware Update - Universal Control Version 3.2 - (EcoSystem 3.0 Release)

[Published Feb 25, 2020]

EcoSystem 3.0 release requires update of entire system starting with installation of Universal Control as the first step.

Step 1: Universal Control 3.2 

Step 2: Update your console (and/or) rack mixer firmware

Step 3: Update AVB Network Devices.

  • Universal Control has a new feature that will show if firmware is out of date for NSB 16.8, NSB 8.0 and EarMix16. (see picture below) 


  • Very Important notes for upgrading EarMix, NSB and SW5E Firmware. 

  • Only one device can be connected to Universal Control during firmware updates. All other products must be disconnected and Wi-Fi disabled.
  • You will need to connect a single Ethernet cable from your computer directly to the AVB Network device to self-assign it's own IP address.
    • Self assigned IP address will appear in the format 169.254.x.x (see picture above for example)  



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