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Installing the KV331 Audio - Synthmaster Player Plug-in that comes with the Studio Magic Bundle

The following information explains the process for registering the KV331 Audio - Synthmaster Player plug-in with Synthmaster and activating it for use within Studio One.  

***If you are running Studio One 4 Artist, you will need to be running version 4.6.1 or higher for the plug-in to show up.  The plug-in will not show up in Studio One 3 Artist.


1.  You can find your product key for the KV331 Audio - Synthmaster Player plug-in inside of your  account.  Once you are logged into your account, just go to My Products>Add-ons to locate the plug-in.  Below is a screenshot:  


2.  Once you click the "Download Installer" link, you will be taken to the page below where you can register with Synthmaster and enter your registration code that is supplied in your account.


3.  Once you have registered, you will be taken to a page where you can download the installer for Mac or for Windows.  When you click the link, you will be asked for your serial number once more.  Please enter it a second time and press the "Download" button.

4.  Extract the downloaded zip file and run the installer.  During the Installation process, you will see the following window.  Choose the 64-bit VST2 plug-in option if you wish to use the plug-in inside of Studio One.


5.  The first time that you launch Studio One, you will get the following window during the loading screen.  Enter your email address and serial number once more.  Click the button to "Download License Key File."  If you receive an error message that states you are not connected to the internet, please choose the button for "Email My License Key File."  When you receive the license key via email, you can place it in your Documents>SynthMasterPlayer folder.


6.  Once you have installed the plug-in and have placed the license file in the correct location, launch Studio One once more.  You will find the plug-in in the Browser window under "Instruments."  Below is a screenshot.


Here is a link to the Synthmaster support page:

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