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SW5E - Firmware Update Process

[ Published 10-23-2018 ]


[Revised 12/14/2022]

NOTE: After updating to v1.4.0.84396, the SW5E will now be present in UC Launch Window and web
interface will no longer be available in web browser. All future updates and SW5E control will be
done in UC.


Updating your SW5E AVB Switch

This article covers how to update your SW5E AVB Network Switch firmware.

At this time, the SW5E is not integrated with UC Surface. The SW5E has a built in Web Tool Interface that provides some basic information of the unit, as well as firmware update process.

A basic overview of the process can be viewed in the video below. (Direct Connection)

Note: The video uses macOS to show the process. Windows process is mostly the same, only difference is how to find your network adapter’s IP address to verify proper Self-Assignment. Windows instructions provided further into the article.






Making the connections

Direct Connection with Self Assigned IP's

The SW5E has a default Self Assigned IP Address which is specifically used to connect to the Web Tool Interface.

From the Factory, the default IP is:

Simply connect an Ethernet cable between your computer and the SW5E (any port will work).

Note: Newer Apple Laptops and some PC laptops may not have an Ethernet port. USB or Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter may be required.

DHCP Connection (Router provided IP's)

For users that have DHCP on their AVB network (Router linked to Switch), it is possible to access the Web Tool Interface on the SW5E.

Note: The computer and Switch should be wired directly to the Router's LAN ports.

You will need to find the assigned IP address of the SW5E. Most, if not all, routers will have a web based utility to access the Router's internal settings interface. Within this, there is a DHCP Client list (or similar name) that shows all connected clients of the Router. This list will show Device name, MAC Addresses, Current Assigned IP, and possibly other information.

Once you find this section of the Router, you should see the SW5E listed with it's current IP. Use that IP to connect to the SW5E Web Tool Interface.

Note: You will need to know your Router's Admin Username / Password to access, and will need to refer to your specific Router's Manual on how to access the Router's Settings page and to navigate to it's DHCP Client list.


Verifying your computer's IP Address

macOS / OSX

For macOS users, navigate to your Network Preferences utility.

You should see a list of available network adapters on the left side of the utility. Once you have connected the Ethernet cable between the computer and switch, macOS should eventually establish a Self Assigned IP Address. This is because no DHCP (ie, Router) is available to assign an IP for it. The adapter will have an Orange or Yellow color dot indicating this status.




Windows PCs

For Windows users, use the following steps to verify your IP address.

  1. Press [Windows Key] + [R]
  2. Type ‘cmd’ in the text box and press Enter
  3. In the Terminal window, type ‘ipconfig -all’
  4. You will then see a list of information for your Network Adapters. Locate the IPv4 IP address line for the Network Adapter you are using to connect with.
  5. When making a direct Ethernet connection, your adapter should self-assign with an IP of [ 169.254.*.* ]

Note: The asterisk is numbers that the adapter will set. Just make sure the first two sets of numbers match.



Connecting to the Web Tool Interface

Once you have verified that your computer has set a Self Assigned IP Address, open any web browser of your choice.

In the address bar, type the following IP and press Enter:

This should immediately bring you to the Web Tool Interface as pictured in the beginning of the article.


Updating the Firmware

Note: Refer to the video at the top of the article to view the web tool interface in action.

First, make sure you have downloaded the Firmware Image file from your My Presonus account. This file will be available under your Registered SW5E product downloads section.

At the bottom of the Web Tool Page, you should see a button for selecting the firmware file. Press the 'Select Firmware' button, then navigate to the location on the hard drive to select the file.




After selecting the file, press the Submit button to engage. This should quickly bring you to another page, which states to wait 10 seconds, then press the back button and refresh the page (or simply type the IP address again).




At this point, the Web Tool Interface should come back up, but you’ll notice that the Firmware Version number has changed, indicating that the process has completed.


Post Firmware Update - Additional Features

After completing the update, you will notice that there are two new options / features for the Switch.


Default IP Address:

This allows you to change the Default Self Assigned IP that the switch uses to allow connections to the remote Web Tool Interface. This is for users that have more than one SW5E on an AVB Network and they want to set a specific address for that unit.

Tip: This address does not work when the switch has been assigned an IP through DHCP (Router). You must use the IP that DHCP assigns.

Also, it’s probably a good idea to write the new IP address on the unit or some place safe so that you do not forget the new IP address. We recommend ONLY changing the Default IP when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, use the provided default IP.



When you have more than one switch on a network, you can use the Wink feature to identify which switch you have connected to. The Front Network LED lights will flash in sync briefly, letting you know which unit it is.

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