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Problem with Studio One 4 locking up with the 2nd plug-in scan window on Windows 7 with NVidia graphics cards.

We have had multiple reports of a problem in which the 2nd time that you open Studio One 4, the plug-in scan window will lock up.  This is only happening on Windows 7 with some NVidia graphics cards.  We have seen this issue mostly with 4k monitors as well as ultra-wide monitors.  Below you will find troubleshooting steps that we have identified will resolve the issue.


This issue is when you try to launch Studio One 4 a second time, the program goes into a state of "not responding" when it is loading plug-ins.  It is important not to confuse this issue with plug-ins being blocked by antivirus software or with plug-ins causing a crash in Studio One.  


If you are running into this issue, you will need to update to Studio One 4.1.1 or higher.  This update will resolve the issue. 



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