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How to create a CD that has multiple tracks with continuous audio.

This article explains how to properly create an audio CD from the Project page in Studio One 4 that has multiple tracks, but continuous audio.  This is often used in the world of EDM.  This will also help if you find that you have pops and clicks between tracks when burning a CD that has continuous audio.  

Key points to take into consideration:

-When burning to a CD, the smallest unit of time measurement that burning software uses is frames.  

-When in the Project page, you will want to set your timebase for the timeline to frames.

-When in the Song page, you will also want to set your timebase to frames, before slicing your audio into individual clips.

-It is important to zoom all of the way in on the song page, when slicing your audio into clips.

-Being that a CD has a fixed rate of 75 frames per second, your frame rate in your Song should be set to 25 fps.  This is set in the song under Song>Song Setup>General.  If your song is set to 25 fps, then the edits that you make in it in terms of slicing your audio into clips, will fit seamlessly into the project.  This is because 75 can be evenly divisible by 25.  For this reason, Studio One songs are defaulted to 25 fps.

Instructions for slicing the audio and creating the project:

Keeping the above key points in mind, you will want to always make your slices in the song page on the exact spot where a frame starts or stops.  Just zoom in all the way on your audio and make your slices directly on one of the hash-marks in the timeline where a frame starts or stops.  It is preferable that you do it at a zero-crossing, where there is no audio.  It is not necessary to make the slice at a zero-crossing, but may give the listener a better experience.  If you do this, when you bring your audio clips into the Project page, the track markers can be perfectly fit to the content.  This will give you a seamless burn if you are trying to create a CD with continuous audio. 

***Make sure that your start and end markers or your looped region perfectly fits your audio clip/s when exporting the mixdown.  Also, make sure that your start and end markers are both snapped to frames.  If you are using the "send to Project" option, make sure that your start and end markers are perfectly snapped to frames.  

Once you have all of your tracks in the Project page, and they are perfectly sliced at the start or end of frames, then all you need to do is remove the 2 second pauses between your tracks that Studio One defaults to.  Here is a screenshot of where you can remove the 2 second pauses.


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