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Why do songs created in previous versions of S1 sound different in version 4 for Impact XT as well as SampleOne?

If you have loaded a song that was created in a previous version of Studio One, your SampleOne or Impact tracks could sound different.  Here are a few of the areas that may be affected...

-Some of the parameters are different in version 4 for SampleOne as well as Impact XT.  This could affect automation from previous versions.  

-You may notice a difference in volume.

-Your filter settings may sound different.

The PreSonus development team has done everything they can to make sure that your songs come over as seamlessly as possible.  As there are some differences with the underlying architectures of the samplers in version 4, if you run into any of the above problems you will want to do either of the following...

-Re-work your SampleOne and Impact XT tracks in version 4 after importing a song made in an older version.

-Transform your SampleOne or Impact XT tracks to audio inside of Studio One 3, before bringing the song over to version 4.  Simply right-click the track and go to "Transform to Audio" inside of version 3.

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