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FaderPort Classic: Packet Messaging

Published July 11, 2018


This SDK applies to this model FaderPort:




This page describes the messaging over USB used on the Faderport to communicate with DAWs
Faderport sends messages using a standard MIDI packet format.


This only applies to the original gray single channel FaderPort. FaderPort 8 and FaderPort 16 have Messaging details provided in User Manuals for those products found on the download page. 


PLEASE NOTE: PreSonus cannot provide any support for the information contained here, do so at your own volition.


Native Mode

To put the faderport into Native mode the following message must be sent.

  • 0x91, 0x00, 0x64

Once in Native Mode the Faderport Messages are as follows:


Fader Movements

Fader Movements Messages are sent using two consecutive messages with the Status byte of 0xB0. The two messages for either sending or receiving will look like this:

  • 0xB0, id_byte, data_high Byte
  • 0xB0, id_byte| 0x20, data_low Byte


  • 0xB0, 0x00, 7F
  • 0xB0, 0x00, 3E

There is only one Fader on the Faderport, the ID is 0x00


Encoder Movements

Encoder Movements Messages are sent using the Status byte of 0xE0. The data byte from the encoder message using 2s complement coding of 7bit (0x7f is -1, 0x01 is 1). Only the value of the delta range is transmitted for the encoder message.

  • Typical Encoder message may look like this: 0xE0, 0x00, 7F

There is only one Encoder on the Faderport, the ID is 0x00


Switch Movements 

Switch Communication Messages begin with the 0xA0 as the status byte. The second Byte is the switch ID, and the third byte is the Status.

  • Therefore, if a switched is pushed it will send a message to the computer similar to: 0xA0, 0x07, 0x01

To light the LED of that switch by initiating a message from the computer, the same message can be sent from the Host.


The list of Switch IDs is the following:

     #define OUT_SWITCH 0x00
     #define IN_SWITCH 0x01
     #define SHIFT_SWITCH 0x02
     #define REW_SWITCH 0x03
     #define FFWD_SWITCH 0x04
     #define STOP_SWITCH 0x05
     #define PLAY_SWITCH 0x06
     #define MREC_SWITCH 0x07
     #define TOUCH_SWITCH 0x08
     #define WRITE_SWITCH 0x09
     #define READ_SWITCH 0x0A
     #define MIX_SWITCH 0x0B
     #define EDIT_SWITCH 0x0C
     #define TRNS_SWITCH 0x0D
     #define UNDO_SWITCH 0x0E
     #define LOOP_SWITCH 0x0F
     #define REC_SWITCH 0x10
     #define SOLO_SWITCH 0x11
     #define MUTE_SWITCH 0x12
     #define LEFT_SWITCH 0x13
     #define BANK_SWITCH 0x14
     #define RIGHT_SWITCH 0x15
     #define OUTPUT_SWITCH 0x16
     #define OFF_SWITCH 0x17
     #define NUM_SWITCHES 0x18
     #define NATIVE_FOOTSWITCH_MSG 126


Universal Device Request Message

The faderport will report back information using the Universal Device Request Sys Ex Message F0 7E 7F 06 01 F7


In which case the Faderport will respond with the following message

     u8 responseData[] = {         0xF0,





                                               0x00, //manuf ID

                                               0x01, //add two bytes since manuf ID == 0


                                               0x02, // family


                                               0x01, // member










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