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What is not included in the Studio One 4 Demo?

Q: I want to try out Studio One 4, yet some features don't work. Can you tell me exactly what is not functioning in the Demo?

A: The Demo version is Studio One 4 Professional, with the following features removed:

  • Audio extraction from video
  • CD burn service  (DDP Import is also disabled)
  • Presence XT core library
  • New loop library
  • ReWire

Additional Notes:

  1. Melodyne demo is not included with the Studio One Demo.  If you want to try Melodyne in Studio One and you don't already own it, please download the demo directly from Celemony:
  2. If you own Studio One and are demoing Studio One Professional, please be aware that some add-ons you purchased like CTC-1, VU Meter, etc, will not show up in the demo unless you are using version 4.1.1 or greater.  For example: If you're running 4.1.0 Artist or Prime and activate it as the Studio One 4 Demo.

The Demo version of Studio One 4 Professional includes the following 6 sets:

  • Studio One Instruments Vol 1
  • Studio One Instruments Vol 2
  • Uberschall Impact Drums
  • Studio One Music Loops
  • Prime Selection Loops and Sounds
  • Impact XT Kits and Sounds

So essentially it is Studio One 4 Professional with Artist content.

Studio One 4 Professional has more sound sets as part of the full package, the Studio One Demo does not come with all the sound sets. To learn more about the sound sets that come with Studio One 4 Artist and/or Studio One 4 Professional see our comparison chart here. 

However as it is a demo, you can use it to create and use the program which we invite you to do.


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