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Is there a Grace Period for those who recently purchased Studio One 3?

     Yes, PreSonus has extended a Grace Period for all new customers, whom have registered a paid copy of Studio One 3 ( Artist or Professional ) in their PreSonus User Account within the last 60 days.


All customers whom have purchased a Paid Version of Studio One 3 from

March 22, 2018 - May 22, 2018 are eligible for this Free Upgrade to Version 4.


**must be original owner/purchaser of hardware and or related

registered software if software was gifted with purchase of new hardware.


 This free upgrade will be added to your my.presonus account automatically. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you are checking in within the first couple days after the release of Studio One 4, please be patient as our systems work to upgrade all eligible customers. 


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