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Studio One 4: Sharing Impact XT Drum Kits

Studio One 4 brings a new export function to Impact XT, Export Sampler File.  This export creates a self contained sample file format, a *.soundx file.  This makes it easy to share your custom Impact kits with other users with a single file.   Dropping in a soundx file you get from another user into Studio One will load that instrument and all of it's samples.

**This function was only previously available in Presence XT for users who owned the XT Editor add-on, but is now available in both Impact XT and Sample One XT in Studio One 4.**


Bitwig Studio also supports the *.soundx format so these files can also be exchanged with Bitwig Studio users.


*** Please always keep in mind that it's a violation of intellectual property rights to publicly share third party sample content without permission.  With that in mind, please always respect sound designers and don't use this export format to give away other people's commercial property.***


Sharing Kits 

If for example you've collected some nice creative commons samples or maybe created your own sample content and have created a nice kit for Impact XT and want to share it, export it as that format and post it on the cloud for other users to download.   This format is completely self-contained and doesn't require being packed into a Studio One soundset.

If you also want to set it up with multi-outs and certain plugins, set it up that way and also export an Instrument + FX Preset for it.

For the other users downloading it, they would simply drop the *.soundx file into Studio One to load it or load the Instrument + FX preset for it.  You can also, if you want, pack both the soundx file and the Intrument + FX preset into a Studio One soundset and share the soundset.

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