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How do I use the "Import Song Data" option in Studio One 4 for Track Templates?

You can use the Import Song Data feature in Studio One 4 for track templates and have your favorite track configurations templates more accessible when working by following the steps below. 

This setup makes your favorite track configurations easier to access without having to look through all of your song files for a song with a particular favorite track configuration.

1.  Go to the Studio One browser Files tab, right click in empty space and select the menu item New Folder... to create a new folder there and name it Track Templates.

2.  Right click that new folder and select New Tab From Here to create a new tab for it at top of the Files browser.


This will make getting to your templates faster and more efficient when working...


Note:  You can right click and rename that tab to anything you want, like perhaps shorten it to 'Templates 'if you prefer.  The actual folder on your hard drive created in the steps above cannot be named Templates because the Studio One folder already has a folder named templates.  Tabs in the browser however can have any name or alias.


Creating The Songs That Will Serve As Track Templates

Now that your browser folder and tab is setup, create a new song and set it up any way you want to use as a track template.  After creating the setup you want for a particular track group, save it to that folder and also clean away any unnecessary automatic files or folders that Studio One may create in that folder along the way.

The example setup below uses five audio tracks for vocals in a VCA folder group, with plugins and aux sends to reverb on a bus channel.  Use any plugins and aux routing that you prefer in your own track template setups.

Note: It's probably a good idea in general to put your template tracks in arrange track folders like in this example to keep things cleaner overall for the imported tracks later.


Go to File > Save As... and save the song to the \Studio One\Track Templates folder that you created earlier...


… and the song will appear there in the browser making your favorite "templates" more easily accessible when working without having to navigate through all of your songs to try to find a particular song with a preferred track setup.


Repeat those steps as many times as you want to create as many different setups as you want for different things and if Studio One creates other data folders in your \Templates folder along the way (\media, cache, etc.), just right click and manually delete those in the browser.


Using The Song Templates

To use those when working, go to the Files > Track Templates tab and right click any of them and select Import Song Data to import your favorite configurations into an existing song.


When importing your tracks in this use case you'd typically only want tracks, plug-ins and aux routing (sends), so leave the other options for tempo, markers, events, layers and automation unchecked.  Click OK to import ...


… and the entire folder group in this example case is imported into the song as shown below. 



Updating or Editing Your Template Songs

To edit or update any of those template song files that you created that list in that \Track Templates browser folder later, just open them like any other Studio One song and make your edits (add more tracks or change some plug-ins, etc) and save it again, and as before, manually delete any other automatic files or folders that Studio One may create in that folder


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