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StudioLive Series III Fat Channel Plugin Installation/Activation for Studio One


****Some Fat Channel Plugins for Studio One are sold individually, so if you purchased an individual plugin for Fat Channel in Studio One, only that individual plugin can be activated.****

StudioLive Series III Fat Channel Plug-in models can be loaded in Studio One using the native Fat Channel plug-in as the host.


To use your StudioLive Series III Fat Channel plug-ins in Studio One, you’ll need to install them first. Go to Studio One|Studio One Installation… to begin.




Installation and Activation Instructions

1.  Check the box next to “My Purchased Items” and select the Fat Channel collection(s) you’d like to install.


2.  Click Install. The Fat Channel Plug-in installation bundle will begin downloading from your My PreSonus user account immediately.


3.  When the download is complete, you’ll be prompted to activate your Plug-ins. Click Activate to begin.


** Note:  The dialog above will list all of the available Fat Channel plugins due to it using a common installer, but only the ones you own and have licenses for in your user account will be activated.**


4.  To use your Fat Channel Plug-in(s) in Studio One, you’ll need to relaunch the application. Click “Yes” to relaunch automatically.


To load any Fat Channel plug-in model in Studio One, drag and drop the Fat Channel plug-in into your session and click the model menu from either the Compressor or EQ section. You’ll find any authorized and installed plug-in model available to be loaded within the Fat Channel plug-in.



If you have any issues with this plugin installation instructions, please Log into your My PreSonus Account and Create a Support ticket for further assistance.

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