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[5] Studio One 4 : Installing Additional Content [PreSonus Sound Sets]

Content Installation

Studio One 4 comes with many audio loops and instruments that are organized into Sound Sets, as well as demo songs and tutorial videos. The number of Sound Sets available for installation depends on the version of Studio One you have installed (Artist or Professional).


To install the Sound Sets and demo/tutorial material, launch Studio One and open the Studio One > Studio One Installation menu.


In the "Install From" menu, you can choose to download all selected content from your PreSonus Account.


Another way to install, is by using the drop down in the "Install From" menu, press "Select" to navigate to downloaded content in your file system (or a provided USB stick). If you wish to install any further content at a later time, you can always return to Studio One > Studio One Installation menu from within Studio One to do so.


By default, all packages included with your version of Studio One should be selected for installation. In the event they are not selected, you can select them yourself. 

  1. Place a check mark beside each package to be downloaded and installed. 
  2. Press Install.


If this is the first time Studio One has been installed on your system, the PreSonus Login window may appear. If this window does appear, please log in using your E-Mail or Username, and Password.


After the packages are selected, the Install button has been pressed, and your user account signed into, the "Transfers Window" will appear showing the progress of the installation. 


Internet download speeds and times will vary based on where you are in the world. 

We can assure you that we have provided our downloads to be available worldwide. While not everyone can have reliable access to high speed downloads, we recommend using a hard wired Ethernet connection, first and foremost for downloading large content libraries. Second we recommend high speed wireless access. We do not however recommend using your cell phone hot-spot as a data download device. For a complete article discussing how to make the most of your internet connection for large downloads, see our knowledge base topic on the subject here: Downloading Internet Content: Recommended Practices.


Download Directly From

Should you experience any errors during the download of Content for Studio One from inside the application, you may wish to download the content directly from your My PreSonus account instead.

If you'd like to or feel the need to download the content directly from your My PreSonus account then go to to login. 

  1. Click on the My Products and click the Software tab on that page on the left.
  2. Click on your product.


As shown in below, click the Show Bundled Sounds to see the soundset downloads.


After clicking Show Bundled Downloads the page expands vertically to show the soundsets.


Click the Blue Download button for each SoundSet that you wish to install.  

To confirm the Sound Sets were installed, go to Studio One > Studio One Installation. Expand a folder, and its sub folder. Each successfully installed Sound Set will show "Installed" under the "Status" column.


After installation, you can find all of the installed content in the Studio One Browser, which is on the Song page. Instrument, Effects, and Loop presets are listed under the related tab of the Studio One Browser.browser.png

Demos and tutorials can be accessed from the Studio One Start page.


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