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[3] Studio One 4 : Software Activation (Online Computer)

1. First Time Activation

Studio One must be activated for use on your computer. Once installation is complete, launch Studio One.

Upon running Studio One 4 for the first time you will be prompted to accept the License Agreement. 

Studio One must be activated for use on your computer.

Once installation is complete, launch Studio One. The License Agreement appears.


Click [I Accept] to accept the agreement.


The PreSonus Login window is then displayed.


If you already have a user account, enter your My.PreSonus username and password, and press [Login] to log into your account.


If you don't have a MyPreSonus account we ask that you go back to [1] Studio One 4 : New User Account & Product Key Registration and follow each step afterwards to get back to this point. 


2. Activating Studio One

In the rare instance where you have multiple licenses of the same Studio One version registered to the same My.PreSonus account, you will need to select which license to activate.


***Do not check the box that reads "I have purchased an upgrade of Studio One" unless you do not have the software registered to your account.  If Studio One has been registered to your account do NOT check that box.***


The next window, click on the drop down and click on the little gray triangle pointing downward.


Choose "Show my existing Product Keys" to see your available Studio One keys.

If you have more than one Studio One 4 Product Key in your account, select the one you want to register with this installation on your computer. 

Once selected, click the 16.JPG button. 


If you have enough activations out of your allowed 5 in your account, then Studio One will Activate and you should see this screen. (May look a little different on Mac)



If you have exceeded your maximum number of allowed activations, you may see this screen:


If you click OK, Studio One will quit back to the desktop.


If you click OK, a web browser will open to My.PreSonus.Com, click here to go to the Manage Your Studio One 4 Activations Guide


Next, Installing Presonus Sound Sets.

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