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[1] Studio One 4 : New User Account & Product Key Registration

Creating a New MyPreSonus Account

You must create a PreSonus Account in order to install and activate the software for use on your system(s).

If you bought Studio One or from our website or purchased and registered a PreSonus Hardware product you already have a My.PreSonus user account. If you do not yet have a My.PreSonus user account, you'll want to create one.

Beyond being a requirement to download and activate the latest version of Studio One 4, there are many benefits to creating a My.PreSonus account including easy access to additional documentation and other content files, access to the user forums, latest tips product videos and the ability to easily create a technical support ticket.

To create a user account, go to http://my.presonus.comOn that web page, click "Create My.Presonus Account."


The next page that loads is the My.Presonus registration "Sign Up" page. 

Fill out the provided registration form. Then click "Create My.Presonus Account" to create your new account.


Once you create your account, a verification email from PreSonus is automatically sent to the email address you provided. Click on the link in the email to activate your account. You are now ready to download and install Studio One.

If your computer is not connected to the internet, you can still download and activate Studio One by using a different computer that does have internet access, as described on the Studio One 4 Offline Activation page.


Product Key Registration - Choose Your Path

The following examples are several ways you can go about acquiring Studio One 4 for installation on your system. Choose the Registration Tutorial path that matches the way you acquired Studio One 4. Choose Wisely. 

Retail Purchase If you bought Studio One in a retail box and only received a Product Key in the box, you'll register the key and then download Studio One, and then activate it online upon first launching the product.

Direct Purchase from If you bought the software directly from, installation and activation happen entirely online and added to your user account.

Retail or Direct Purchase of USB Flash Drive If you're installing Studio One from the USB flash drive which comes with select retail versions and is also available as an additional accessory purchase from, your activation will happen online using the Product Key after launching the product for the first time.

If you came about acquiring Studio One by any of these three first methods, then click here to follow the Studio One 4 Software Registration Tutorial 2A 


Hardware Audio Interface or Audio Mixer Purchase If you bought an AudioBox, FireStudio or StudioLive Ai Mixer product, these all come with a bundle version of Studio One Artist.  By registering the hardware in your My.Presonus account, the system will automatically grant you the software.  Your activation will happen online using the Product Key after launching the product for the first time.

If you came about acquiring Studio One by purchasing a PreSonus product and wish to claim your Studio One Artist license, then click here to follow the Studio One 4 with Hardware Registration Tutorial 2B 


Proceed to Register Software or Hardware Purchase and Download Installer:


 -  [2a] Studio One 4 : Register Software Purchase and Download Installer

 -  [2b] Studio One 4 : Register New Hardware and Download Installer





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