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Faderport 8 is receiving signals from my DAW but will not send them. I am using a UAD device and have "Console" installed

It has come to our attention that the program called "Console" from UAD will grab your MIDI devices on a Windows machine and not allow them to work in any DAW.  The ports for your Faderport 8 will show up in your DAW, but the "send to" ports will not work.  They will fail silently.  If you are using a UAD device and you have "Console" installed, you will want to open Console in your startup tray and go into your Console Settings>MIDI panel and disable the Faderport 8.  Once you have set the device value to "none," you should be able to use the device in your DAW. 

Here is a link to this information on UAD's web site.


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