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FaderPort Classic: Firmware Update

Article Updated - July 11, 2018


This article applies to this model FaderPort: 



UPDATE: July 7, 2020

Universal Control will display the current installed version of firmware, however the firmware update utility has been discontinued. 


The last supported release that includes firmware update is Universal Control v3.2.1.57677 released on April 14, 2020.




Firmware update is now part of Universal Control as of version released on July 10, 2018 available from the download page for FaderPort Classic.


Support for FaderPort Classic is already provided when you launch Studio One, no need to install anything. 


Support for other DAWs is provided in a variety of ways. 


- FaderPort Classic has native support for Cubase, Logic, Sonar through a FaderPort Classic DAW Profile installer which is also available from the download page for FaderPort Classic. 


- HUI Mode for Pro Tools (or any other DAW that supports HUI)


- Mackie Control Mode for Ableton Live (or any other DAW that supports Mackie Control)


- Other DAWs have Native support provided by those companies who have developed their own solution, some of which include: Reaper, Magix (Samplitude, Sequoia), Harrison MixBus, Ardour, Adobe Audition, Renoise. 


- We also publish the SDK (albeit unsupported) for the FaderPort Classic should want to create your own custom control profile for any DAW not listed that does not support HUI or Mackie Control. 


The FaderPort is a class-compliant USB MIDI device with a power adapter to provide power to the motorized fader. For a long time we included a CD in the box that included a firmware updater, a DAW profile support installer and a manual. 


The software on the disc found in some of the original boxes is out of date, we do not advise running this software, we have since removed this disc from FaderPort Classic box. For anyone who still has this disc, running the firmware update from the disc or older versions of the FaderPort Control / update installer will downgrade the firmware rendering the motorized fader inoperable. Running the firmware updater in UC 2.8.0 should restore that functionality.  



Also consider reading this article on why updating with FaderPort Original.


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