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How do I assign a Talkback Mic on a RM or RML mixer?

How do I assign a Talkback Mic on a RM or RML Mixer?

To assign the Talkback mic, navigate / scroll the UC Surface Mixer to the right hand side and locate the Talkback Channel Fader.

Select the channel by clicking on the top most area of the channel. In the top left area of the channel overview, you will see a drop down box. This may say 'None' or have an input already assigned. Select the menu and choose the channel you want to be the talkback mic.

See Picture Below.

NOTE: If you are using the Smaart Room Analysis, Channel 1 can not be used for Talkback, as Smaart uses Channel one to send Pink Noise through the outputs. Choose any other channel for Smaart Room Wizard.

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