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Installing Universal Control on Windows results in ccltext.dll as being flagged by Norton Antivirus

After installing and trying to open Universal Control 1.8, Windows gives an error of ccltext.dll file not found. Please reinstall the program.

We've identified an issue where customers who are running Norton Antivirus are installing Universal Control 1.8 experience an error where Norton will flag ccltext.dll as a possible problem. 

Disabling Norton Anti-virus will allow for Universal Control 1.8 to be installed, however re-enabling Norton and running a scan may flag that same file and try to remove it creating the same problem. 

We have reached out to Symantec about this issue and they have indicated to us that they will need to see the log files on your system to see if they can correct the problem for you. 

Hopefully Norton will add our file to their exception list and this issue will resolve itself. 

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