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Installing AudioBox VSL Over Universal Control 1.8 Fails, Prevents Universal Control 1.8 From Seeing AudioBox

If you're trying to Installing AudioBox VSL (any version) over Universal Control 1.8, this will prevent Universal Control 1.8 From Seeing AudioBox. 

AudioBox VSL cannot be co-installed with Universal Control 1.8 (or vice versa, in any order)

Should you wish to re-install AudioBox VSL 1.3 (or older versions of AudioBox VSL on Windows), we ask that you first use the Windows Programs and Features option in the Windows Control Panel to remove Universal Control 1.8. Then resume installation of the legacy AudioBox VSL software with a restart at the end.

However if you have installed Universal Control 1.8, then went and installed AudioBox VSL without first removing Universal Control 1.8 (or higher for future versions), this will actually create an error for both versions.

You may get this error when installed AudioBox VSL software over top of Universal Control 1.8

The icon for AudioBox VSL will also show up incorrectly. 

The result is that Universal Control 1.8 will no longer show the AudioBox, nor will AudioBox VSL show or properly operate with a VSL series or i-Series Interface. Even if it does, it may not work. 

The solution is to use Windows Programs and Features in the Windows Control Panel to uninstall both AudioBox VSL and then Universal Control. 

Then install the version of software you wish to use. 

Either install and only use Universal Control 1.8 for AudioBox Series or

install and use AudioBox VSL software. As AudioBox VSL is no longer supported, if you run into any issues we will ask that you install Universal Control 1.8 (or higher). 


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