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I am unable to locate my registered products in my user account

Published Aug 5, 2014


If you have previously registered a product to a PreSonus User  Account, yet you are having trouble locating the registered software, hardware or add-on in your current user account.

- It is possible you have multiple user accounts with products spread across those accounts. 


If you are certain your product is already registered, but that product is not showing up in your user account, please contact PAE Tech Support with the following information. 

Click this link for info on how to contact PAE Tech Support


For Software Registration related issues:

• We will need the 28 digit product code that was used to register the StudioOne software to an account.

• For Notion or other software add-ons, provide the registration code that was supplied if available. 

- We will use this information to search our database in an effort to locate the account the software is registered to. It is best practice to take a photo of the 28 digit product code and attach that along with the support email you are creating. 

• If you are unable to locate the 28 digit Product Key for the registration of Studio One, we will need a proof of purchase from the retailer the software was purchased from. Most retailers will provide copies of receipts for purchase years after a purchase. 

-  Bank statements will not be enough for proof of purchase!

If the software was never registered and you misplaced the packaging or threw it out, we will also require a receipt for proof of purchase as well. No exceptions will be made here!

• All packaged hardware that was also purchased with the StudioOne software must be registered to your user account as well. So it is beneficial to have these items all registered before contacting PAE Tech Support. This will speed up the inquiry and allow Tech Support to focus on the issue and not the registration of your hardware as this is a required step for requesting support from PAE Tech Support. 


For Hardware Related Registraton issue:

For all inquiries with Hardware related registration issue. We will need the purchase date; Day/Month/Year, if you are not certain of the exact day of purchase, the month and year will suffice. We will also require a photo of the serial number on the bottom of the unit/interface/mixer to make certain the characters are being entered properly into the account registration section. 


Please make sure to supply the required information to PAE Tech Support in your email support ticket so they can quickly and efficiently resolve the issue without extra emails back and forth to gather this information. 




To report any issues, please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<



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