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How to create a new Support Request?

This article is to assist with those that are not sure how to properly contact PAE Tech Support for technical issues with your PAE software and/or PAE hardware via the email option.

*Please keep in mind that Support does not provide any sort of training on how to operate any of the various PreSonus Hardware and Software Products. If your inquiry is pertaining to training needs, we ask that you please post such questions in the user based forums, visit any of the various FaceBook Groups, and also take a look at our Knowledge Base [ HERE ]

*Note: If you have an existing ticket opened for the same issue, it is advised that you respond to that ticket rather than create a new support ticket.
For those with opened or pending tickets already, please follow this link --> I have created a support ticket, but not sure how to access it.


IMPORTANT: Creating a NEW SUPPORT ticket for an issue that is already opened can cause a delay in the response time. We highly recommend you log into your account and respond to a ticket if you have one opened already. This will help to ensure you get the most timely response to your issue without any delays as we answer each ticket in the time it is received in our in box. Already opened tickets get precedence in that priority! 


How to Contact Support [ HERE ]


or Try Our New My.PreSonus App

 - [ iOS ]

[ Android ]

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