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UC Surface 1.5 Release!!


The UC Surface 1.5 Milestone is a major release which adds new functionality and fixes many known issues. This release adds RM Mixer cascading support, updated StageBox modes, and much more, all explained in more detail in the "UC Surface 1.5 Addendum" document, available for download from the Product page Downloads section for all AI family mixer products, or from your MyPreSonus account. 

Please log into you your account and select your AI Console, RM Mixer, or CS18 under your registered hardware. There you will find the addendum in the Downloads > Misc. section.

Release Notes will be located in the usual place under the Downloads > Release Notes section and firmware updates are available by clicking on the big green "Update Firmware to..." button, or under the Downloads > Firmware section.

This update also includes some important fixes for the Studio 192, including USB 3.0 audio support for Mac on OSX 10.11.2 or higher. For the full list of features and fixes, see the Release Notes available from your MyPreSonus account, or from the Product page Downloads section for the Studio 192.

NOTE: Mac OS X 10.11.2 (or higher) with UC 1.5.0 are required for USB 3.0 audio. All other Mac OS versions need to use a USB 2.0 cable.There is no loss of functionality or performance when using a USB 2.0 cable. For more information please refer to this Knowledge Base Article

Version Information:

Studio 192 - firmware version 1.2-37

RM Mixers - firmware version SL 1.0.7784

AI Consoles - firmware version SL 1.0.7786

CS18 - firmware version CS 1.0.7881

UC Surface - version

Capture - version

Studio One  - version

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