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MyPreSonus Hardware Registration Update

Starting February 3, 2015 our Hardware Registration process has been improved which now only requires that you enter:

* Purchase Date

* Entry of the Hardware Serial Number

* End User License agreement

The hardware registration wizard will automatically know which product you are registering and place it into your account automatically. 


If you see this message: 


Means the product is already registered to another product owner.

You have either bought a used product, previously returned product or a B-Stock or C-Stock from a retailer. 

If you bought the product second hand or from an online auction site or store dealing in used goods, you'll need to contact the previous owner or reseller you purchased from to have them de-register it before you can register it to your account. 


If you see this message:


Means the product is not eligible to be added to your My PreSonus account. Over the past 20 years PreSonus has made many products some of which are past their service range. To see a full list of products that are no longer supported visit our service page here

If you feel that there is an error you can contact support through the support portal at

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