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Can the Studio 192 be used stand alone?

Q: Can the Studio 192 be used as a stand alone rack mixer? 

A: The Studio 192 cannot be remotely controlled as a stand alone mixer product. 

The Studio 192 will not function with UC Surface software without a computer attached to it's USB Port. 

The Studio 192 can be used stand alone as an A/D (Analog to Digital "ADAT" Pre-Amp) or a D/A (Digital "ADAT" to Analog Converter). But without UC Surface channel control. 

In the settings page for the Studio 192 you'll find the settings for how the Studio 192 behaves when it is not connected to a computer:


If you are seeking a Rack Mount Live Mixer solution, we recommend looking at the StudioLive RM-Series Rack Mixer products. Click here to learn more. 

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