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[9] Studio One 3 : Where Can I Find Additional Reference Material and Knowledge Building Resources?

Now that you have installed Studio One, it is always good to know what resources are out there. 

   The Reference Manual is a great place to start when trying to answer many of the questions that can come up about Studio One 3. There continues to be quite a lot of new enthusiasts everyday, whom are getting into audio recording for the first time. As we all learn differently, having additional avenues of knowledge are always welcome.

  This quest for knowledge can range from simply getting started, setting up a new midi controller as well learning some of the more powerful features in Studio One. General knowledge of the software as well as basic recording concepts can make all the difference. We have put together the article below to assist everyone from the novice starting out to the seasoned Studio Engineer; who may be shifting from another DAW.

[LINK] Additional Reference Material and Knowledge Building Resources

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